6 yummy days of the Artisan Bober Tea

I am a non-tea kinda gal, I love my milk & coffee and if I tried tea for 6 days every day, then its gotta be good. Well, this new hot-spot for tea just opened up recently at the Bishan MRT exit C, and I decided to give it a try. This hot weather, these drinks were literally calling out my name, lol. But I tried the most safest Hazelnut tea and ended up trying a new flavor every day for a week.

These tea and lattes are nothing like the usual tea we know of. They are delicious and comes with a variety of topping options which are unique, homemade and all healthy, well mostly. Oh and they are light on your wallet too!

Day 1: Hazelnut Milk Tea

If you are a woman, you would be happy to know that Hazelnut is a rich source of Vitamin E, has anti-oxidant properties and so reduces free-radical.  Translation, Great Skin, Yayee. So anything Hazelnut, I say, bring it on.

To be honest, I have had hazelnut coffee, hazelnut chocolate and I loved it but never ever had I tried the hazelnut Milk tea. You can taste the distinct milk, tea and a mild flavoring of hazelnut.

Really yummy combination. If you are the safe kind who prefers to take adventurous steps but cautiously, I can recommend this drink out of their vast menu. Hard to go wrong with the hazelnut flavor, I guess.

$3.50 (500 ml)

Day 2: Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea

Black sugar jelly is my latest favorite ingredient when it comes to the unconventional tea or coffee drinks.

Black Sugar has a very distinct smoky molasses sweetness to it. The taste is different than white sugar, black sugar is much deeper and more sophisticated. I can compare black sugar to the good ol’ dark chocolate as it is rich in calcium, iron, and potassium.

Black sugar jelly Konjac milk tea is a blend of perfectly brewed tea mixed with milk and a yummy dose of the delicious black sugar jelly. which really gives a character to this tea.

$3.60 (500ml)

Day 3: Roasted Oolong Milk Tea

I really don’t need to list down the benefits of Oolong tea, now do I? we already have heard it so many times. I think this comes with a topping of roasted walnuts and the added crunch just gets the yum factor soaring up.

This again is a mild flavor milk tea.

$3.60 (500 ml)

Day 4: Grapefruit Yakult

It was a very new flavor for me, Grapefruit with Yakult. It is a punchy fruity drink when you are in a fun mood and want to try something easy on the stomach, go for this or anything from the fruit tea series. This drink is flavor packed.

$ 5.30 (500 ml)

Day 5: Golden Oolong Tea

This is a classic Oolong Tea, no milk, no-nonsense kind of tea. Just look at the bright orange color. You are tired or sleepy, you pick this!!

$2.20 (500 ml)

Day 6: Matcha Strawberry Latte

Today I was in quite an adventurous mood, I left it on the staff to hit me with a yummy treat of their choice. This by far was a very happy surprise for me. I had not been very fond of the matcha flavor ever, but I will tell you, this was my favorite among all the drinks. This is such a delicious combination of matcha and strawberry, I bet you would love this too.

This drink is a burst of flavors in your mouth. This not only tastes good but looks also equally good, for me Matcha Strawberry Latte was the star of the show. I can’t wait to go back for more on these matcha goodies.

$4.90 (500 ml)


Bober Tea is artisan tea focused on providing affordable, high quality and tasty blends of tea with a gist of local flavor inside.

Not only is Bober Tea inspiring good taste as it is also caringly healthy for everyone as these bobas are homemade. High quality, premium ingredients such as Okinawa Black sugar, Hokkaido Milk, Pure Matcha powder are all Grade A quality.

They are conveniently located at the Bishan MRT : 200 Bishan Road #01-01, Singapore 

And they can be found here online.

I hope you do give it try just as I did.

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