This Sunday was well spend attending one of the yummy activities at the Millenia Walk, which are being held all through the month of April. A must visit for any Creative enthusiast.

I attended the “Pala-table” which was a workshop on food plating tips and tricks. The first part of the workshop was held at the “Plentyfull” restaurant followed by desert at the sinfully delicious “The dark gallery”.


This was our blank canvas

And this was my creation, well only partially, the tart was made by the very talented chefs at Plentyfull restaurant, and decorated by me.

Today this was my workstation.

The dark gallery

This is every chocoholic’s dream come true. For the chocolate purest, this place is heaven. They have an array of desserts, ice cream cakes, macaroons, chocolate drinks and so many many decadent dishes.

this was my creation, the best part was no matter how i decorate it, the yumminess is just the same.

I am really happy to discover these really strong themed outlets through this workshop. Definitely will be visiting again with friends and family to try their menus at my own leisure.