All that you need to know about sheet masks

Sheet masks have moved from the Asian market and recently taken over the whole of the western world. All the bloggers, YouTuber are showing off their sheet masks and their routine on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

Something to note in the first go is that sheet mask are not to be confused with the masks we have been using.

Masks exfoliate and cleanse, however sheet mask are mainly for hydration. It does not cleanse or exfoliate your skin

What is a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are made of Fiber soaked in nutrient-rich solution/serum. Which you take out from their packaging and place it on your face so as to let your skin absorb the goodness. These masks are cut out to be placed on your face. Also, these sheets mask can be used just once and then to be thrown away.


  • Take out the sheet mask from the package
  • Place it on your face
  • Leave it for 15-20 Mins
  • Take off the mask

Do not wash your face after using sheet mask

All you need to know sheet mask innisfree sheet masks
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Benefits and how does it work?

Sheet masks originated from South Korea for the first time and took the whole world over very soon

  • it is quick
  • neat
  • gives instant results
  • can be used anytime

These masks are soaked in concentrated serums which varies depending on the benefits it claims to offer. It could be collagen for anti Aging, hyaluronic acid for dry skin, rice water for whitening and so on and so forth. These sheet mask helps in better absorption of these serums as it prevents quick evaporation of these ingredients which are present in the water phase. That’s why they tend to perform better than the traditional serum-based skin care products we are used to using.

My review/experience

I came across these babies when the whole 9 steps Korean skin care routine was a rage across all Asian countries. Honestly however impressed you are with this Long Korean skin care routine, it is simply invented by the cosmetic industry to make you use more products Every day. Nobody has got the time to really spend full 30 mins doing a routine using 12 different products Every day. Once in 15 days or even once in a week, understandable but not Every day. But these sheet masks are really the best part of the routine.

Currently “one sheet mask a day” is what’s trending right now. Again, it’s quite convenient and all but again a bit too much to be done Every day.

My skin just loves using these masks. Once used my skin stay supple, moisturized and soft for many days. I would reach out for the next sheet mask probably in another 15 days or next week

It’s incredible for people with dry skin but people with acne problems need to be careful with the brand and kind of sheet masks they pick

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