Bali: Dive in Deep to Witness the Diversity of Culture and Nature

Whenever one thinks of Bali, it is the picture of symphonic jade green waters that immediately come to mind. Known for its soothing quality, this Indonesian island has a collection of gems in its treasury that allows one to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. Volcanic mountains, chirping forests, biodiverse marine life, rice paddies, corals, ancient Hindu temples, and more, are what make this province such a charming host.

Tread the Not-so Beaten Path

Bali is Indonesia’s visual delight and has only climbed the charts as the most sought after destination since the 1980s. Unlike its contemporaries Maldives and Bahamas, the natural vistas here are still untamed, unpredictable, and real, managing to surprise even for the most seasoned travelers.

Spend the day soaking in the culture and history of the place by listening to the witness account of intrinsic myths, folklore, and historical anecdotes from the still standing tall exotic temples and majestic palaces.

Then at night, mingle with the cosmopolitan vibe of the place at the delightfully Asian yet international shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Brave a trek through the dense jungle up the still-active volcanic mountain, or surf the tenacious waves or snorkel through the colorful corals or examine the structured paddy fields. Relax, sleep, indulge, eat, drink, surf, or party, multi-ethnic Bali always has an option for the same and more.

What Shouldn’t be Missed

When in Bali, there is a list of activities that one must take part in.

1. Devan Dance Show – A fiery, vibrant dance performance by the Treasures of Archipelago that incorporates the traditional with the contemporary.

2. Escape Rooms – Stories as old as time, leave behind clues that help solve the riddle that allows escape before the time runs out!

3. Canyoning – Canoe at the GitGit waterfalls according to your level of experience.

4. Bali Zoo & Bali Bird Park – Visit the animals in their awarded man-made natural settings at the animal park and say hello to over 1,000 species of birds in the Bali Bird Park.

5. Cruises – Steer the sailboat or the speedboat to cruise the exotic Lembongan island for a day of sun, sea, and water sports.

6. Quad Tour – Ride ATVs through the paddy fields, villages, or on the beach for an action-packed day with nature.

7. Sightseeing – Climb the volcano, click pictures at the botanical garden, explore the coral reef, find tranquility at one of the fascinating temples, or simply relax in a hot spring bath.

In its warm Asian way, Bali allows you to set the pace of your Balinese adventure. And it ensures that with its myriad treasures, you will always come back for more!

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