Benefits of Rosehip oil

The reason why I write about rosehip oil is this. I did not get any stretch marks during my pregnancy, and trust I only used bio-oil n rosehip oil throughout my pregnancy.

I had stretch marks on my waist (back) which I got when I was in my teens. So it was almost given that I would get them during my pregnancy. And the thought of getting more on my body was treffying to me. Imagine the clothes restrictions with more stretchmarks, some on the back and then more on the stomach. And so began my research on way to prevent stretchmarks, this is when I stumbled over Rosehip oil.

What is it?

Now I dont want to turn this into a boring botanical literature. I will keep it very short. Unlike rose oil which is taken from the rose petals, rosehip oil is taken from the seed & fruit of the rose plant.

This little guy is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and fatty acids that are your skins best friend.

However this oil really got on a high speed train when Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr announced that she uses it as a part of her daily skin care.

Below are its benefits:

For stretchmarks

From my personal experience, I can say that if you use just this product regularly, generously on your stomach and thighs. You will prevent the ’em stretchmarks for sure. And please do not tell me you use all the fancy shwancy pregnancy creams, the more expensive the bigger fool you become.

Because its the simple sience that says stretchmarks occur because the skin cell breaks due to the extreme stretching and if the skin is dry and less elastic it finds it defficult to fall back in place. Well oil is the only thing that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, while creams only stays on the upper layer

For wrinkle & fine lines

With same logic as above, the reason for wrinkles it when your skin looses its elasticity. Rosehip oil works wonders in penetrating deep into the skin and restores its elasticity. Also helps in firming the sagging skin.

For hyperpigmentation

This magical oil is rich in the ultimate beauty ingredient trio — anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C — which helps in fading hyperpigmentation, scars, evening skin tone.

If you are getting pregnant anytime soon or not, pack on this oil. Trust me, it really works

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