Colorbar Kissproof lipstick swatch and review.

So heres the thing, I have tried a lot of high end liquid lipsticks and a lot of drugstore ones too. Overall I cant wait for the liquid lipstick trend to end already. Because in all honesty these liquid lipsticks look a bomb when we first apply but after anĀ  hour or so they just become chappy and drys the life out of my lips. Having said that there are three brands of which I like the liquid lipstick formula, colorbar kissproof liquid lipstick is one of them. The other two are Huda beauty and Tart.


Lets straight jump into swatches because we all know that’s what you are here for.

Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Haute Latte
My most irristible perfect nude Lipstick (that I cant live without)

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Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Royal Pink
Light Pink shade, for girls a bit lighter skin than mine
Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Fashion City
A nice everyday kind of peachy pink
Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Push up
Beautiful muted pink shade. Love this shade
Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Rustic
My favourite Terracotta shade
Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Mauve Dusk
Another favourite mauve lipstickĀ 
Colorbar Kissproof lipstain Trendsetter
Bright orangy Red, for those bold shade carving gal


These lipsticks are on the expensive side but the shades they have come out with is a refreshing break from the nude liquid lipsticks that I got bored off.

Here is a thing though, the nudes shades in liquid lipstick when wear off still looks ok. But when a bright liquid lipstick wears off, looks really bad. I love these lipsticks, and the shades that I bought. Haute Latte is my most favourite lipstick from all of my lipstick collection.

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