Fashion Revolution

I recently came across a Facebook post, asking for makeup artist who would be interested in volunteering for a fashion show held to support and showcase, designers who stood for fair trade and other ethical practices in the fashion industry.

And that’s what led me to the page of fashion revolution Singapore. As any other individual, I had never stopped to think of where my clothes came from or who was involved in making them. All I cared for was, is the price in my Budget, at the most if the brand I chose was using fur or mink or not cruelty-free garments. Attending this event was a total eye-opener for me.

Fashion Revolution Singapore

Held annually fashion revolution aims to encourage shoppers to choose eco-friendly options, choose vendors, retailers who support fair trade practices and provide safe & fair working environment to the workers.

Singapore is known worldwide for providing a diverse shopping experience to the visiting tourists and the resident locals. A fashion hub, Singapore, gets on the bandwagon of sustainable shopping in January 2014. So fashion revolution Singapore 2018 was held at the hive lavender on 28th April 2018.

A full day of fun fil activities were lined up by the team. Everything ranging from clothes swap, textile workshop, film screening, discussion to a runway show was held to spread awareness in the most fun and enjoyable way possible.

Such events are a success even if one individual is affected and considers changing their shopping habits. Things like a cotton plant takes up a huge amount of water to grow, reducing the water table to a great extend. This was something I never thought of when picking up a 100% cotton garment, thinking I am using eco-friendly material but hardly.

People had a lot of questions which was but natural. All were answered by the team. Followed by a showcase of garments by some really amazing designers including Esse and Sui by “Sue Mue” beautifully put together by Susannah Jaffer of

The nail paints used on the models were eco-friendly. The wine that’s moved around after the show were organic and sustainable wines.

Organising such events take a lot of teamwork and support, kudos to the team. It’s when everyone decides to support such causes, a permanent difference can be made, slowly but steadily.

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