Ohkay!! I guess now I am officially little fed-up of the liquid oh-so-drying lipsticks just a bit too much. And so the need for this post.

My Favorite evergreen MAC lipsticks

I am finding myself reaching out for my go-to lipstick more often now. MAC is a staple in everyone’s makeup kit that, we try other brands but we come back to it finally.

Also if you are a beginner or just thinking of starting your MAC obsession that this is a good list to check out. Below are the swatches for you to see how the shade looks like on my skin in natural light.

My Skin type

I have oily skin or rather combination skin with oily T-zone. My complexion is NC-40/42 in MAC foundations.

Here is the list below:


This is my most favorite lipstick among all of them. It’s a perfect deep fall shade. Perfect for special dinner dates or parties. It also makes my teeth look so white, I am not even kidding you try it yourself, you would know what I mean.

If you have not tried this MAC shade, girrrl you must do it asap. You don’t know what you are missing out on.

You can buy the lipstick here




Ok this lipstick, I have put in this category purely because of the shade. It is of the retro matte range and the formula is extremely drying. The shade though is beautiful. Bright red, great for Indian skin.

I dont have the swatch to show here but another stunning Red colour is the Ruby woo. Click here to buy



Meher, brave, taupe and whirl are my everyday shades. These shades are so basic that you really don’t need to think so much what shade to wear it with which clothes or look. Running errands just pop it up in your bag and you are sorted.

Meher also goes a step further with its ease of use. Whenever I use any liquid lipstick, and we all know how difficult it is to touch up a liquid lipstick. What I do is, I use MAC Meher to touch up instead.



This light pink shade is perfect when you want a little flirtatious look.



A great everyday nude lipstick shade. It is a beautiful chocolate brown shade.



This is again a nude shade but slightly more orange in color. An excellent everyday shade. Click here to buy



This is my most used lipstick, and I have been using it since I was in college. This is the time when I hated makeup. My kajal and a lip balm were the only two things I used in the name of cosmetic. And then that lip balm slowly got replaced with see sheer.

This is a very creamy, lustrous lipsticks, glides on the lips effortlessly. Does not dry the lips, but you do need to touch up every once in a while. I should also add here that it’s also very versatile, you definitely could layer it a slightly deeper shade to make it pop.

The shade is coral, and look stunning with a coral, almost natural make-up with a peach glow. You can buy it here

and some more swatches…..

Please please please ignore my fuzzies on my hand, sometimes life gets in the way of work lol.

I recently got my hands on the HUDA beauty minis but unfortunetly instead of the huda beauty nude collection, I ordered the huda beauty nude love collection, which has different shades. If you want to see the shades, click here.