Gold & brown smokey eyes look

Perfect for day-time events & parties.

I recently created this gorgeous day time party makeup look and uploaded on my channel. Bet you would love the transformation in the video.

I just go from drab to fab in those 15 minutes of video. I had always underestimated the power of makeup in my early growing up years. But then again who needs makeup when you have a natural glow of youth, natural blush on cheeks by laughing too hard. Oh dear, it all feels such a distant memory, not that I consider myself old. I miss those carefree days when the good’ol kajal is all you needed to look glam.

I love to play with bright colours for evening and night parties. However, for day events & parties, I am currently loving the neutrals.

The key is to work on all the senses.


not only visually keep this look simple yet impactful and flawless, but also work on the fragrance.


I would wear my Chanel No 5 leau perfume, full review here. It is a beautiful, light, summery fragrance, that you can never wrong with for a formal day event.


You could include the fabric you choose to wear and the jewellery. Keep it light airy for an angelic & prestine look. Keep your jewellery bold but minimalistic.


And ladies!!!! do not forget the confident sound of the heels that make heads turn.


Anyways do check out my video and share your feedback, I love to chit chat