How to get your first 100 readers

After you have set up your blog, here are the things you should first do, in order to get some readers come to your blog.

I set up my blog, wrote a few posts and patiently waited to get anyone to read or visit my blog. All I heard was crickets. #thestruggleisreal

It is only later I learned that writing blog should be 20% of the work and be promoting it really is the remaining 80% of the work. Here are the things that I did to increase my readers and visitors to my blog.

1. Ace the social media

There are so many social media platforms, that it is overwhelming. Besides Facebook is completely different from Pinterest, Pinterest is totally different from Instagram. Best is to choose your comfort zones and ace the ones that you prefer. Find your audience there and charm them.

Yes! Charm them not Spam them.

2. Get your SEO started

Yes, SEO sounds too techy and unachievable but there are a few plugins that are really helpful in getting your SEO game up. I use the Yoast plugin, it is free and easy to use.

3. Join a facebook community

Joining a Facebook community is the most important step to do for a blogger, I feel. I am not talking about the facebook groups where you could simply drop links and run to another group to drop the link there. I am talking about the real communities where there is knowledge sharing. Bloggers read and comments on each other’s blogs. You can find similar bloggers to guest post on.

I got inspired and created a group as well, which I closely monitor to ensure that there is actual networking happening. It is by the name BLOGGERS CAFE.


4. Add your blog link to your email signatures

Promoting your own blog is sometimes like blowing your own trumpet, but if no one knows about your blog, no one will get to read your blog. Every email you send out, there is good chance people will read your name and then click on your blog link.

5. Interlink all blog posts in your blog

Your goal should be, if a person comes to your blog should spend more time on your blog. Link similar posts on your blog, which is helpful for the reader too. Think of related topics and link in.

6. Spend money

Start advertising your blog on social media. Advertising on blog is very helpful to get the initial exposure for your blog. The advertisement shows your blog to a targeted audience and those who would be interested in knowing about your topic.

7. Offer to write guests posts

Guest posting can help new bloggers tremendously in creating a new audience. Make a list of influencers who have similar content or share the same niche. Reach out to them for guest posting.

8. Trade banner ads with other bloggers

Bloggers starting out together and wanting to grow are mostly open to this idea. Try this, its free advertisement for both. A win-win.

9. Interview influencers in your link and ask them to share the interview.

This is a great technique to have someone else help your purpose. Interviewing another blogger is flattering and if it is done well then chances of that person sharing it with everyone in his network is high. Ultimately leading traffic to your blog.

10. Leave comments on similar blogs with a link to your website.

“Sharing is caring” is true in the blogging world. Everyone loves to get comments on their posts, someone stopped by to read their blog and took time to leave a comment. However, leaving your own blog link feels really offensive sometimes and looks spammy. So you need to be careful when doing this.

The best way to go about doing this is, to really read the blog post, leave a meaningful comment and then refer to a similar post from your blog or related or helpful blog post from your blog and link to it.

Start with joining this online Entrepreneurial and bloggers community here and grow your blog or website. 


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