HUDA BEAUTY | nude love collection liquid lipsticks | review and swatches

hi guys,

So let me first get the embarrassing part out of the way, so I ordered HUDA beauty nude collection and I was desperate to have them, I had heard such good reviews about the formula and the shades were fab, it was so difficult to buy them, everywhere sold out. I saw one site and paid so much more extra for an urgent delivery, waited eagerly for my package to arrive, did not leave my house the whole day to not miss the delivery on the day it was to come.

Finally got the package in my hand and i was so happy with my accomplishment, looked at my prized possession and decided to film my swatch youtube video the next day.

The next day while shooting, I read the labels and the shades, you can see the shock on my face in the video, like wtf happened, these are not the shades I thought there would be, I was expecting bombshell, trendsetter etc and here I was reading Crush, wifey etc….LOL do check out the video to see my shocked expressions, and to carry on with the video (the struggle was real) and it is almost midway of the video I realise that I had accidently bought the “NUDE LOVE” collection instead of the nude collection.

Anyways, now that I have that out of the way, let me talk about these shades.


  • there are four shades in this collection: CRUSH, WIFEY, SUGAR MAMMA, GIRLFRIEND
  • The shades are all light and pastel
  • all shades would work the best for fair skin ladies, two shade sugar mamma and girlfriend would work for medium skin tones as me
  • Crush- very light, peachy shade
  • wifey- light brown shade with a hint of pink
  • Sugar mamma- peachy nude shade
  • Girlfriend- brown shade
  • I believe crush- sugar mamma and wifey- girlfriend can be paired to make a lip contour, although I have not tried it myself yet, but looking at the shade tonality, I am gonna try this combination

As you can see it a collection of light nude shades


  • is as pretty as always, glass looking frosty plastic container with a black cap
  • since its a love collection, it is decorated with flowers on the cover
  • The applicator is doe-foot soft applicator



  • The liquid lipstick if runny consistency not like the mousse consistency like kylie liquids
  • Takes a little while to set and dry on lips so can transfer on teeth but also gives you time to work with the product
  • smells of vanilla
  • the formula is not drying on lips
  • stays for a couple of hours

Shades are mentioned at the back of the package.


As you can see all the shades in the containers look so similar, hard to tell which is which.

Overall I love huda beauty liquid lipstick formulation, the shades but wont work for everyone, I absolutely loved “girlfriend” and I like sugar mamma as well, but the rest of the two shades, I will have to try to make them work for me.