Innisfree “My foundation” – the most inclusive foundation korean range.

Innisfree has recently come out with their “My Foundation” massive range and they have shades for brown, deeper and Indian skin girls too. Innisfree is one of my favourite brands even before I knew anything about the K-beauty. Now it gets even more respect for being the quiet and inclusive brand in terms of products for women of all colours. A lot of Indian brands I know have so little range like sometime they come out with 3 shades, it really is hilarious.


As always the packaging is on point. Clean minimalistic outer cover which has all the ingredient like, the usage and all other information. Inside the bottle is slick, made of glass and has a matte finish black cap. The foundation is easily to use as it has a pump dispenser.

Innisfree My foundation for indian skin W33 shade 2.3
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The main selling point of the product is the range it comes in and the level to which it can be personalised for each individual. The customisation can be done for shade, moisture level and for the coverage level.

How it works

SHADE: The shade is mention right at the bottom of the bottle. The shade name comprises of a letter followed by a number. The letter could be C- cool tone, N-Neutral or W-warm and the number signifies the color shades.

PERSONALISED NUMBER: Now once you have the shade clear and out of the way, its time to figure out how to personalised it depending on you skin texture, moisture level and needs. This again is signified by a number. This number is mention right in front of the bottle, the number is usually like 1.4, 2.3, 3.2 and so on. 

This number has two part, the first part is the moisture level and second part is the coverage level.

Innisfree My foundation for indian skin W33 shade 2.3 how to pick My Foundation

Moisture level: The first part of that number is the moisture level. They are offering 3 levels in moisture where 1 is matte, 2 is semi matte and 3 is glow (or dewy finish)

Coverage level: The number after the decimal that is on the right side indicates the coverage level where 1 is the least, 3 medium and 5 is full coverage. So if your skin is problematic or you want to hide any birthmarks you try the full coverage and baam! your face is gone. 

Another thing to note here is that if you go for the matte and full coverage definitely 1.5 this formula will have the maximum coverage in comparison to 2.5 (semi-matte full coverage) and 3.5 (glow full coverage) will have the least among the three.

For me: I have combination skin with oily t-zone. I went for 2.3 (semi-matte medium coverage) in the shade W33. In MAC I am NC 42 with warm undertone, so if you are my skin tone, this shade should work for you.


The formula is thick but feels light on the skin as probably you need less to get a decent coverage. What I really like about this foundation is the smell of it, it smells floral, fresh like jasmine. I hate the chemical smell of foundations, this feels like tinted lotion with good coverage on skin. 

The formula is oil-based and for me with combination skin semi-matte was oil but my t-zone definitely needed a powder setting after application and for touch-ups. 

They also have corresponding cushion foundation, but with lesser range in it.

The reason why I am currently in Love with this foundation

Innisfree My foundation for indian skin W33 shade 2.3

I have used this foundation for number of times already. And I find myself reach out for this one more often these days as oppose to Maybelline fit me and NARS foundation, the reason in a nutshell is because it is so light weight and moisturising that it feels like i am wearing a tinted lotion while giving me a decent coverage.

  • It is light weight 
  • it gives the face a natural healthy glow
  • It is moisturising
  • The product is easy to take out, user friendly packaging

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