Loreal Lash Paradise Vs Maybelline Lash Sensational

Loreal Lash paradise and Maybelline Lash sensational are the two most popular drugstore mascaras today in the market.

I am set out to see which one is a better buy. 

Loreal Lash Paradise

Packaging: It comes in a stunning metallic blush pink coloured container.

Loreal Lash paradise, the fun stuff, Maybelline lash sensational
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Loreal lash paradise wand, the fun stuff, Maybelline lash sensational
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Wand : The wand is brush type wand

Price: Price is 22$ for 7.6 ml

loreal lash paradise vs two faced better than sex mascara

Reason for the hype: This mascara is dupe of the more high-end Two faced’s “better than sex” mascara. From the packaging, the brush and the claims, everything is surprisingly similar. But in my opinion, Loreal Lash paradise still performs better then the Two faced mascara.

loreal lash paradise review, Maybelline lash sensational

Application: The mascara when applied gives a clumpy, thick, false lashes kinda look. So if you are looking for a falsies kinda look without feeling the weight of the falsies, go for this mascara. The end result is thick, elongated fluttery eyelashes

Formula: The formula is thick and due to which can lead to slightly heavy feeling on the eyelashes. More than 3 coat of this mascara can lead to messy looking eyes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Packaging: The packaging is the usual Maybelline mascara with a metallic dusty pink colour. 

Maybelline lash sensational, Loreal lash paradise
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Maybelline lash sensational, Loreal lash paradise, the wand
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Wand: Wand is the fan kind with bigger bristles on one side and smaller ones on the other side.

Price: 500 INR or 10$

Maybelline lash sensational review and swatch, Loreal lash paradise, comparison

Application: The fan brush wand has two curvy parts. The inner curve with smaller bristles is for the roots and the outer curve with larger bristles is to fan out the outer lashes.

This mascara seperates and fans out the lashes to give a natural but enhanced look.

Because the formula is quiet liquid, the second coat needs to be applied without waiting too long for the first coat to dry.

Formula: The formula is more liquid in comparison to other mascaras. Which makes the mascara feel quite lightweight on the eyes. It doesnt flaky on the eyes.


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