MAC’s Diva lipstick – A staple for Indian women

Since I hit the 20 years mark, I just could not figure makeup. I saw women looking flawless with makeup on but when it came to putting on makeup myself I was lost. I went from store to store relying on the store rep/ sales girls at the counter to help me select the right lipstick for me. I have bought shades which only made me look like a street call girl (no kidding). I would give up and then try again with another shade of lipstick, spending moolah one lipstick at a time. The struggle is real my Friend, only those in my situation can relate. Some of us did not get the makeup IQ until we really needed makeup to look proper, now the lip balms weren’t enough to hide the pigmented lips because of all the carefree smoking and a face powder to hide the large pores on cheek, nose and even Chin, again thanks to the reckless drinking and smoking.


Well now, things have changed. It took time but it happened for me as well. I recently went on a crazy research spree to find a few MAC lipsticks which can work on all skin tone. You can check out the list here.


But for now it is one of my latest crushes, it’s not a new lipstick a lot older Indian women have used it for years. But this is a staple in every women’s lipstick collection


About – MAC Diva

Formula: matte

Colour: reddish burgundy (maroon)

Pigmentation: rich with pigmentation

Weight: 3 gm

Fragrance: soft vanilla

Review – MAC Diva



It is matte but by no means drying on lips, very comfortable to wear.


The Colour is such a pretty bright burgundy, it makes your skin glow and teeth appear whiter (trust me on this).

It is a perfect shade for fall or to create that bold lips look. The Colour is dark but doesn’t look vampy, looks very feminine.

Best suited

This shade compliments all skin tone, fair to deeper skin tones. Works well on deep skin tone because of its great pigmentation. So even if you have pigmented lips, believe me, this shade will show. Click on the image to buy.


Looks best with

This shade is quite varsitle.

Makeup- since the shade is bold, you can opt to go for a neutral/brown eyes how and look

Wear it with – looks very pretty with a LBD, sleek white or even with beige.


The closest dupes for MAC Diva is

Wet & wild – cherry bomb

Revoln – raisin rage

Maybelline – Divine wine