Our Trip to Mari Mari cultural Village at Kota Kinabalu.

A trip to the Mari Mari village is a half day activity. We left Kota Kinabalu city to head over to Mari Mari. It is a half hour ride from the city.

“Mari Mari” means come come or follow me. It is actually a reconstruction of all the traditional tribes of Borneo amidst a jungle. So we really get a feel of how these tribals lived during those years.

Mari Mari village is located away from the hustle bustle of the city, in a quaint amidst lush greenery. It is like a museum showcasing the Borneo tribes, their culture, and their food habits. The village shows the living of 5 different ethnic tribes. They are the rice farmer Kadazan-Dusun, the longhouse resident Rungus, the hunters and fisherman Lundayeh, the cowboy and sea gypsey Bajau, and the famously feared headhunting tribe Murut. Because of the surroundings it really takes you back in time, when the tribes populated these jungles. It makes you wonder wasn’t life better during that time period, less complicated, all your needs were met and everything was best utilised without harming the nature.





Overall experience

It’s a great family activity, not just educational but entertaining too

I think it’s a must visit if you come to Kota Kinabalu. It’s interactive, you see how they made the rice wine, so you get to taste it too. Followed by a very entertaining tribal dance and music performance. Ending with a yummy meal



Infant friendly

Even though the guides and staff are extremely helpful with people carrying infants, but note that the place is in a jungle, with uphill and downhill treks. They have ramps made for walking and strollers can move around to an extent. You are required to climb up The bamboo house to see how they lived and it’s really difficult to carry the stroller up and down each time.

What to bring

  • Best is to carry your baby in the baby carrier
  • a portable fan
  • some water
  • Hat, caps
  • Sunscreen
  • umbrella
  • comfy shoes
  • comfy clothes
  • mosquito repellent patch or creams


There are three tours with multiple batches

Morning tour starts at 10 AM; Afternoon tour starts at 2 PM

*Evening session (6pm) is available for group booking, >30 pax


For Morning and afternoon tours only the prices inclusive of taxes are as below

With transportation : 
a)      Adult : RM180.00 nett per person (Non-Malaysian)
b)      Child : RM160.00 nett per person (Non-Malaysian)
c)      Adult : RM150.00 nett per person (Malaysian)
d)      Child : RM120.00 nett per person (Malaysian)

Without transportation : (Non-Malaysian & Malaysian)
a)      Adult : RM98.00 nett per person
b)      Child : RM83.00 nett per person

Remarks :

–  Children rate (5-11 years old)
–  Children 4 years old and below are Free of Charge
–  Rates are valid until 31st March 2019