Soon after moving to Singapore, I realised its going to be very lonely here atleast initially before I meet some friends. I am not sure if everyone does this, but I took the shortcut and went online to make friends, I downloaded the “meet-up” app and joined as many group as I could, all in the spur of moment. What caught my attention was a free make-up workshop, which I thought could help me meet some make-up artists and I could learn something new. Well, so I rsvp’d and went there. And there was no-one, just two ladies who were conducting the “work-shop” and me. Basically cutting long story short, they were sales representatives of Mary Kay and they wanted to sell the product, there was no workshop so to say. Anyways, like most women who find it difficult to walk into a shop and stroll around without buying anything, I couldn’t leave the place without buying anything. Even though I felt cheated by the way they tried to force down a sale on the pretext of a make-up learning workshop, I still liked the product.

So here is the review of Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion and Pore Minimizer


The scrub looks gentle but when you apply it, you need to apply it with a gentle hand. I always try to scrub the dead skin on the lips as well when I use a scrub as a habit, however do not do that with this one as the particles in the scrub feels like stones or tiny sand grains in mouth and are very easy to slip into your mouth. The solution is creamy but light unlike other scrubs which are creamy and heavy.



The solution is light on skin and smells a little bit of alcohol when you apply it. The smell is common with all the pore-reducing products I have used. You would think that it would dry your skin, but it doesnt dry your skin, not mine atleast as I have a slightly oily skin. I think the purpose is that the scrub opens your pores and so the pore minimizer containing alcohol dries up and closes the skin pores. I prefer using them at night and follow it up with my moisturiser so that I wake-up with a smooth and supple skin next morning.



The packaging is really pretty in neutral colour tones, it makes it look like an expensive product.


Its all chemical but it does what it says, however if your looking for something herbal, then is product is not for you.



  • Travel friendly
  • Scrub and pore minimiser works as it says.
  • works well with dry-oily skin
  • light solution, does not feel caky, oily or heavy at all


  • Need to use a sunscreen and moisturiser incase you use it in the morning
  • Its not herbal, contains paraben, EDTA etc
  • need to buy both products together