Lovisa is a jewellery store and i came across just by chance while strolling down at the Vivocity mall, Singapore. Almost like serendipity, I very happy to have found this gem in a city where everything has so many choices that its mostly difficult to find something when you really need it.

A little about the brand, its a jewellery brand (non-precious) based in Australia but now they have 270 stores in many countries.

The reason why I talk about it today is because i find this store a one-stop shop for all your jewellery needs, unlike regular stores, they have sections categorised by colours. You would see sections with rose gold jewellery, yellow, blue, silver or gold jewellery, all this makes it very easy to select and match it to your dress.

Although I have not very big on jewellery and i like to play safe, they do have some really bold pieces.

Heres a look at what I recently bought from there