Maybelline Molten Gold vs Wet and wild Precious Petal. Which one to buy?

I know it is the most difficult question right now? as to which of these hot selling highlighter you should buy. Wether to put in your money for Maybelline Molten gold or to go for the wet & wild Precious Petal. If you have the same doubt in your head then read on. By the end of this page you would be able to make up your mind as to which one is the best buy for you, I promise.

Let’s do a clear cut comparison first.


Maybelline Master chrome highlighter in the shade Molten gold retails for Rs 550 in india (SGD $19.90)

Wet & wild Megaglow in the shade Precious Petal retails for Rs 499 (sgd $16.90)


As the name suggest Maybelline Master Chrome Molten Gold highlighter is gold in colour.

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The Wet & Wild Megaglow Precious Petal is a of a light champaign colour, peachy gold shade.


Both highlighter have somewhat similar packaging with transparent cover and a black container. However the maybelline packaging seems a bit more steardy then the wet and wild one.

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Maybelline Molten gold: This one is hands down the most blinding highlighter. It is a very gold, which quickly became a social media sensation with its popularity. The highlighter is soft as butter and very pigmented. Very little of it goes a long way. You need to have a light hand while applying it on the face.

Oh by the way it is quite comparable to the Charlette Tilbury’s Bar of gold Highlighter. Thank you very much.

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Wet & Wild Precious Petal: This is such a beautiful highlighter. Gives a very creamy glow on the face. This highlighter is pigmented but not as insanely as the Maybelline Molten gold.

Best Suited for

Maybelline Molten Gold: This is a very pigmented golden colour highlighter. This would look gorgeous on deeper skin tone. The gold shade would melt into the deep colour skin to give a godess bronzing glow on this face. Will suit all skin tones but best for deeper skin.

Wet & Wild Precious petal: This look very natural glow for olive and medium skin tone. Not sure for deeper skin tones though.

I do hope I have not managed to confuse you further.

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