My favourite panties brand : Victoria’s secret

It is a little weird to talk about something so intimate over a public platform, but I feel i owe to all my readers and girl friends who are going through the intense struggle of finding the perfect panties which not just looks perfect, cute but is equally comfortable.

So, I know for me there was a time when I was really young, hot blooded, early 20s, ready to try on anything that looked sexy, it could be the extremely uncomfortable thong, irritating lace, artificial (read satin) fabric that would make my lady parts look tempting *blush*. I would buy it without blinking an eye, it just felt natural, WHY? because of not having enough confidence on my own body, the magazines that taught us that men are visual-beings, looking good both inside and outside felt compulsory and translated to having a personality.

But I have come a looooooong way from there, from the numerous gyanaecologist appointment to irritated vag to horrendous digging panty lines to my full Indian butt not fitting into my panties, the crack-showing (oh-dear those low waist jeans trend). For me, my comfort is the most important to me now. And to achieve my best comfort I have spend loads of money at brands like Marks & Spencer’s, H&M, Triumph and you name it, I have tried all brands, and to be honest for sometime I did settle with these brands because they good in what they do, specialise in undergarments, so all was well for a very long time…until one day, my boyfriend got me my first panties from VICTORIA’s SECRET


I had settled that the perfect underwear shape like Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angle is just not gonna happen for us round figured indian women, and that its not the brands I am trying, its probably just my butt. But But But….you dont know until you have tried, my first panty from Victoria’s secret was so pretty, that for a very long time I didn’t use it, thinking of keeping it pristine for a longer time. It was when I put on a lot of weight and I had to buy new set of undergarment when I decided on trying my Victoria’s Secret possession for the first time

I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say that It was the best undergarment fitting I had ever experienced in my entire life.

It is worth this long blog post, because the fitting of these panties is just out of this world, I still prefer cotton panties because of the extra comfort, the seams of these lingeries are so well researched and made that they just never ever dig into your skin to give you double butt or accentuate your fat deposit around your waist and butt

Why I love it so much

  • the fitting is like no other panties I have tried, they snug your butt like it was made-to-order, so say good bye to the crack showing
  • the seam is so soft that it never digs into your skin
  • the prints are so cute
  • the fabric is for comfortable everyday use and giving yourself some love everyday


so ladies do not deprive yourself of this pampering experience, try it once, I bet you would never go back to any other brand.