Setting my 2018 new year’s resolutions here.

Its that time of the year again, when we set the goal and plan to start afresh. But only to give up by the end of January.

And I know i am a month late to get this post in but uh better late than

How to make sure you stick to yours?

I am happy to say that I achieved most of my goals set in 2017 with a few disappointments. Ok here are few tips for helping you to stick and try to achieve your set goals those have really worked for me in the past.

  • Always write your goals in black and white, not vaguely in your mind. And write it somewhere you see it regularly, I write it on the first page of my planner.
  • When setting goal use numbers or try to be as specific as possible but still realistic, example nothing like I want to get slimmer, but more like I want to get to 50kg.
  • Declare your goal to people around you. This helps create that healthy pressure of achieving that. My blog works just the same way for me.

Goals 2018

1. Reading at least 12 books

Being glued to one screen to another just has become too overwhelming. I miss the time when my mother had to lock up my novels just so I could concentrate on my exams. Now there is no one to check on me and surprisingly reading habit has also gone. This year I promise my self to at least read these 12 books that I have already listed to prevent myself from procrastination. Check out my shortlisted list of books here.

2. Travel to Japan

Although the original plan was to travel to Europe from the ever beginning and it has just been getting postponed. why? Life’s getting in the way. nevertheless this year keeping it more achievable by keeping the next best option. Japan has always been that mystical place in my mind. Ever since I read “Geisha” Japanese concepts are so different than any part of the world that its intriguing beyond measures.

3. At least one blog every week

I have been so lazy about this one that now I have to include this in my new year’s resolution just to make sure I take it seriously and do my best to achieve it. I don’t know if its the same case with you guys too, it seems there are days especially when I am lying in my bed that I get bombarded with new blog ideas and just when I get myself in front of my laptop I go blank. I wonder how people get through blogging so consistently. But now I am not going with the flow, I will write in buffer whenever creativity strikes and then schedule them for a week.

4. At least one YouTube video one week

Same as blogging, however youtubing is way more efforts than blogging. Putting ideas and content together, shooting, editing and then promoting. Takes a lot of efforts (I know I said that early, but that’s how much efforts it is) but like blogging consistency is the key here too.

5. Get back to 50kg

After my pregnancy I did gain some weight, thankfully it wasn’t too much. I am 70kg right now, I have been this weight without pregnancy in the past as well and have managed to get myself back to a 63kg, this time I want to go back to my teenage weight of 50kg. I am so determined on this one that I literally have stopped buying and large size clothes just in case I got comfortable in this size. huh funny thought, but it seems to work for me.

6. Meditate everyday

Trust me when I say this, meditation was one of the most important things of my everyday routine when I was pregnant. It was the only thing that helped me stay calm. And now again life gets in the way. I must start meditating every day. As easy as it may sound, the fact is meditation can be very difficult, controlling random thought is the most difficult thing to do, as soon as you sit to meditate, your mind wants to think of laundry, shopping, everything under the sky. Even things that would never occur to you normally but now thoughts won’t just stop coming.

7. Create at least 3 photo stories by the end of the year

I know my photography has taken a back seat since the time I went full-on on social media. But I intend to change that this year for sure. And on the New year’s eve I pumped some breast milk for my baby, had a glass of wine and went through new works of some of my favorite photographers, yeah that was my new year’s eve on my couch. Its very natural to loose yourself during pregnancy and especially after giving birth. looking through great photography work was a beginning for me of getting back to my new normal.

Feel free to use mine to set yours too, but you must have this list right up where you can see it regularly on daily basis, on top of your work desk, front page of your planner or stick it up on your fridge.