How to start your day like a girl boss?

Partying till early dawn all around Delhi and then dragging myself out of my cozy bed, scratching my butt on my way to the washroom to brush my teeth, lucky I had an electric tooth brush so basically one less work to do. Wishing so sincerely that some calamity happens and I wouldn’t have to go to work. This has been my way of life for many years and led my life believing that I am not a morning person.

I have come a long way since then, I have a set morning routine now which helps me be more productive, and set myself up for success. The things I changed are:

  1. Do not hit the snooze

    Before hitting the bed I remove the curtains from my window, so I wake up with natural light, set up an alarm on my phone and keep the phone away from the bed, so I dont spend more time on the phone at night and when I wake up I have to walk up to my phone to switch off the alarm, so no snoozing.

  2. Make my bed

    There a few things that if you don’t do it instantly it will never happen, making your bed is one of them. I fix my bed the moment I get up off my bed, now it happens as a habit. leaving a made up bed gives me a zen like feeling not only at the beginning of the day but also when I come back home to a clean bed, it is just so peaceful

  3. Hydrate myself with warm water

    Importance of hydration is something we read and hear everywhere but the realization only hits when you begin to see fine line emerge on your face. Having water as a habit first thing in the morning not only neutralize my ph but also keeps my digestive system healthy.

  4. Fix my healthy breakfast

    I have been to hospital because of developing gas and the excruciating pain was unbearable, the reason I am writing this here is because I never want to go through that pain again and would advise everyone especially the women to never-ever skip breakfast, because trust me, ladies, we already have a lot of things to deal with, cellulite, fine lines, periods etc, you do not want gas and ulcers on top of everything else. BREAKFAST like a Queen

  5. Check my to-do list

    I normally write all the things to be done and plan my day a night before on my planner, click here to see the video on how I try to be more productive. I get on my table, get my green tea fix and my daily planner and begin to tick off one job at a time.