Things I did to loose 10kgs weight #1 drink lemon water

I was always athletic build since my childhood, and just when my parents left me in New Delhi all by myself to study in a college. All of a sudden gain of freedom, and that hot blooded age, all of which just led me to make extremely wrong & unhealthy choices in life as well as food. Now I don’t want to get into the life choices, I leave that topic to be discussed some other time, for now, we stick to food choices. I used to be found in Mc Donald’s most of the time, it had air conditioning, cheap food and no one ever asked you to leave even if you sat there without ordering anything, what else do you want? And slowly and gradually I packed on that extra weight which stayed with me for years, I did shed a couple of kilos but that extra fat on my thighs and arms stayed with me forever.

Lemon water for morning the fun stuff, how to lose weight fast

I did try a lot of things to loose weight and to some extent I did too, but the fat that had hardened under my skin on my thighs refused to budge.

It’s only in 2015 I decided, I have one life and I believe I can be whoever I want to be. If I was a guy I would’ve wanted to have that chiseled body with abs. But as a woman, I will have the perfect figure. I have a lot of flaws in my body because of which I could not wear a lot of types of clothing. But my body and figure are in my hand, I can make it the best version of myself.

And trust me for a full one year I did everything that was needed, and honestly, for the first 6 months, I didn’t see major results. The solid fat under our skin takes time to budge, but when it does it shows. So here I want to share with you all the things I did to loose 10kgs in one year.

And believe me it is all achievable, doable and if I can do this, anyone can do this

Remember loosing weight is only 20-30% exercise, its 70-80% what you eat.

With that thought I start a new series where I will list all the things I did to achieve this new goal in my life.

You will have to make small lifestyle changes to achieve your goals. The first I feel is to befriend the humble lemon.

Habit: make it habit to wake up with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of a lemon in it.

For more motivation let me list all the benefits of having a glass of warm water with lemon:

10 things to do to loose 10 kg weight, drink lemon water

1. You are doing a huge favor to your digestive system

Lemon is a great source of pectin Fiber, which is required for a good colon health. A glass of warm water with lemon will get your bowel movement going with ease.

2. Do it for your eyes

Since it’s an amazing source of vitamin c, your eyes will get benefited with it, which in turn means more screen time on a laptop or your mobile phones. lol

3. For a great smooth skin

Although a healthy digestive and lots of water, in turn, means great skin, but lemon is also rich in anti oxidants so get ready to get blemish free, wrinkle free and smooth skin.

4. Your liver will thank you

Lemon helps liver to function well and flush that last nights alcohol and other toxins better, plus helps with the hangover (high five)

5. Get some potassium

We know banana is rich in potassium, but lemon is a great source too. Potassium is vital for heart, muscle, kidney etc optimal functioning

6. Maintain you ph level ladies

Strangely lemon is acidic but when absorbed in the blood stream it become alkaline. Maintaining a good ph level is very important

7. Boost that immunity

Again vitamin c helps boosting our immunity and keeps that cold and cough at Bay

8. Get slim

One of the most important reason, why I wrote this article is this one. I have practically tried this on me and then reporting. I have weighed my body before having a glass of warm water with lemon and had a good massage to move that stubborn fat stored under my skin. Went for a leak (because the fat moves out of your body through urine) and weighed myself after, and have seen actual results of weight reduction, couple of hundred grams. Don’t believe me! Try it yourself

10 things to do to loose 10 kg weight, drink lemon water

Lemon cuts fat, no wonder your dish soap is most often lemony. I hope your able to put one and one together.

I hope I have given you many good reasons to include this as a regular habit.

So bottoms up ladies, you can thank me later!

Love always

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