VLCC diamond polishing scrub with diamond bhasam.

Move over Korean skin care, because our very own Indian VLCC diamond polishing glow scrub is here.Oh by the way, this isn’t a new product but I came across it just recently. And as I came across I had to write about it because it is a kind of product that is extremely different from anything I have used.

Quick review

For those who do not have the patience to read through to know the detailed review of the product. Here’s the short and quick review here.

If you have oily, t-zone, combination or normal skin, my advise stay away from this. Having said that, for all the beautiful ladies with dry skin this is an absolute god-send product for them.


It comes in a transparent tube, that instantly make me feel more confident on the product as it means less chemicals specially the ones that could change constituents when come in direct sunlight. It’s travel friendly with a squeezy tube.


VLCC claims that the formula is made of the goodness of actual Diamond bhasma(ash), it is supposed to deep exfoliate grime and dirt. Contains jojoba oil for moisturising


It is of gel consistency, almost like transparent jelly. This jelly is infused with specs of white substance which possibly is the diamond ash. The scrub is mild and gentle on skin.


I borrowed it from a Friend who runs a beauty parlour. I was at her house and wanted to clean my face, she gave me this. Honestly I was shocked, as I washed my face with this, it made my face so greasy beyond explaination (it probably is the jojoba oil). I felt like my face was like a fried poori. So basically oily skin people stay away from this.But my Friend, with dry skin could not stop raving about it. For her it was a beautiful product with left her skin clean and moisturised. Not just that, she said it gives her face such a beautiful glow after using this and I agree.

Intrigued by this product I went online to see what people had to talk about it. Mostly negative reviews but I think this is a wonderful product for people with dry skin.

Price: Rs 205 for 80 gms