What I like & dislike about being a woman + GIVEAWAY on International Women’s Day?

Let’s talk about us, Ladies. After all its an International Women’s Day today. Well, I can talk about us women, at any time and any day. But today still makes it more special.

And trust me as much as I enjoyed writing this post, you would love reading it. So it all started with a small idea which usually germinates in the most fertile brains. Isabella, one of the most hard working and dedicated women I know of currently. She decided to bring us all creative women from different genre together to make this day a big celebration, and boy! how much fun it was.

We were given a question each to answer, mine is right here, but you do check out the others as well, because trust me its very interesting.

What do I like and dislike about being a women?

I was bursting with ideas in my mind, I have numerous jokes cracking in my head. But I will try to be decent here (as much as i can) and answer the question

The things I like about being a women

  • Nurturing and empathy: The world is a civilized place only because there are women here.
  • Beauty with brains: If you have a vajayjay and brains, you literally can rule the world.
  • We get to enjoy the best: Makeup, clothes, bags, fine fabrics, lingerie, shoes, chocolates, jewelry to name a few fine things in life.
  • We have so much love: we can have multiple orgasms, we could love a man and love a woman at the same time.
  • Being able to create another human being.
  • We can multi-task. we can text and do our eye liner at the same time.
  • we can express our exact emotions by using the appropriate words.
  • we have the power of intuition. We can intuitively tell exactly when we would be going for another shopping spree.

The things that I hate about being a women.

I do dislike the things that society has created, what makes it difficult being a woman at times.

  • Things like salary differences based on gender.
  • associating women to being the main person to take care of the house, do the cooking.
  • the fact just because women gives birth, sometimes raising and caring for the child also is assumed to be her responsibility alone.
  • But oh yeah, dealing with periods which is a monthly affair which comes with being a woman, and you can’t do much about it.
  • Women pulling another woman down. Moral policing.

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