So here’s the thing, when I was in school 12th grade, I saw my skin pores visibly get larger. It sucked big time and then I had whiteheads. I thought, now my skin is ruined for life, this thing will never go away especially the large pores. And believe me when I say, till date I have been living with an acceptance that my pores will always be the huge flaw on my skin that is needed to be covered up with makeup. I have some hope now, considering my whitehead have been fixed, hopefully, the pores would also shrink, who know?

I have been using the Cosrx AHA whitehead power liquid for the past one week, I would say, and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Read the full review and experience below.

Cosrx AHA whitehead power liquid

What is it? well if you are into pure, natural, organic, herbal & mild stuff than this can definitely make you skeptical. Basically, AHA or alpha hydroxy acid is meant for chemical exfoliation, and before this completely freaks you out, read further. Chemical exfoliation really removes the dead skin and brings out a fresh layer of skin by increasing the cell turnover. This can help with a number of skin issues. I have written a more detailed article about chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation, click here to read about it.

Whiteheads are a pain in the ass, when you apply makeup. Whatever you do, apply the foundation, you can still see the texture and little bumbs on the skin instead of a smooth finish. whitehead are also called comedons and unlike pimples which are white color but pop and then goes away, these are like bumps in the skin, if you have large pores then will come out as little white colored sebum. They can remain in the skin for years if not taken out and the exposed ones become blackheads.  Raise your hand, if you cringe at the thought of the little whitehead extractor that comes after a facial to painfully dig on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead (yes I have whiteheads in all those places and some also on my chest).

This product almost has a cult following already and it is now my holy grail skincare product too. I use it daily in my skincare routine, I did a video explaining my daytime skincare routine, click here to see that.


It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump (which I prefer in skincare products). The pump is further secured with a clear plastic cap.


The liquid is runny but slightly thicker than water. It is easily absorbed in the skin.


It is to be applied on clean skin, so after you cleanse your face, take some AHA liquid in your hand and apply it on your face. Patting it into the skin helps. In case you have a sensitive skin type, you might want to do a patch test first. If its good to go, then try using it once every two-three days and then gradually can include it in your daily routine.

NOTE: Since it is chemical exfoliation, and surfaces new skin layer, you want to prevent the new layer from damages caused by sun exposure. A Sunscreen is a must every day, especially after application.

AVOID IF: You should avoid using it if you have wounds, cuts or severe acne issues. If you have sensitive skin and your skin doesn’t react well to this in a patch test


There are many products with AHA in the market which helps with whitehead. Not all products react well to all skin types. This is a good product to start, considering the affordable price point and the number of positive customers reviews.

It is great in dealing with many skin issues like closed comedones also called whiteheads, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, rough skin.

I have seen a visible difference in my skin in just one week of consistent usage.