Shreya Jain collab with YBP cosmetic

So this year, around March, Shreya Jain and YBP came out with their new launches.

You can read more about it here on the Hauterfly page

How the collab happened and the story behind it is all on that page. A couple of YouTubers have tried their hands on the products. But since it is a community and everyone wants to be on good terms with each other, I personally felt the reviews were a bit biased. Everyone seems to be saying how proud they are of Shreya Jain for the collab. I feel that sentiment is coming from the fact that it was the first time anyone has ever collaborated with a cosmetic cos in India.

Product breakdown

About the products though it all seems a bit ahhh, too good to be true. With all honesty, I have not tried the products myself and I have been waiting to see the reviews before opening up my purse strings, is it really worth it? But I have heard some youtuber saying that it is paraben free that, but no info on the website though. Although the product does have titanium oxide for sun protection (but no SPF is mentioned anywhere), It contains some amount of Vitamin E, which is good, how much? I don’t know. Rose extracts but of what grade, not mentioned. The majority of the ingredient is Silicone (which really does provide the smooth texture to the product, for easy application)

Here is a review of a blogger, who has been quite honest with her experience with the lip creams. Makeup and smiles

Do check out her page to see all about the YBP lip creams in details.